Hi, my name’s Ursi!
I’m about to finish my third and final year at Cambridge School of Art practicing Illustration.
The main materials used in my illustrations are gouache and quink ink. I like the contrast between bold/flat colour and watery marks.
I am fascinated by the colours, shapes and patterns that occur in the natural world. I like to incorporate this imagery within my work. I find sea life and underwater landscapes particularly interesting. My work ties together these elements, creating surreal and dream-like landscapes.
See more of my work at https://www.facebook.com/ursitollidayillustration/
Or http://cargocollective.com/ursitollidayillustration
And contact me at ursitolliday@hotmail.co.uk
For me, energy within a painting brings a subject to life. I try to be playful with imagery and make images that are fun to look at!