Ursi Tolliday Illustration

Enrich Not Exploit Project

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a speculative project for The Body Shop promoting their slogan “Enrich Not Exploit”. I’ve put together a brochure giving information and illustrating the values they uphold.

“Enrich not Exploit”

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project illustrating The Body Shop’s “Enrich not Exploit” campaign. The Body Shop are a company I admire for their commitment to protect the planet, animals and people. With this in mind they would be a dream client in the future! I will (hopefully) finish the project with a brochure giving key info about how they “Enrich not Exploit” alongside a couple of posters.

Here’s one of the posters I finished today, another risograph print!

risograph self esteem poster.jpg


‘Interpreting Nature’ Project

Here are my risograph prints from my ‘interpreting nature’ project! I have been exploring how people can adapt to extremely different environments. Each illustration represents a different environment and the people who live there; the desert, jungle, mountains, ocean and arctic.



The Lost Mariner

Some double page spreads from a book I illustrated based on Oliver Sacks’ account of an ex-mariner called Jimmie who suffers from memory loss.

the mariner pgs 1&2new mariner 5&6the mariner pgs 7&8the mariner pgs9&10

Mandeville Paintings

These are some fantasy landscapes I painted, based on the book The Travels of Sir John Mandeville.

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